Question Final Fantasy XIII 13th Birthday—What did you like/dislike about the game?

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Feb 27, 2023
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Hello everyone my first post here!


So I am in love with FFXIII! Actually, my favorite one of all the FF series yet...

Honestly, love the characters, story.... (Except for the FFXIII-2 and FFXIII-3)
Love the characters, that is set in a modern, yet not so modern utopian world!

Battle music is fascinating to me, especially "Desperate Struggle" soundtrack, so sublime.

Battle system love it! They introduced the Staggered mode, in case you were wondering.

Anyways, what about you guys! Leave it in the comments!

God bless ya.
Thanks for reading!

[Mod edit: changed title for clarity from the over-exuberant "This year 2023 it is Final Fantasy XIII 13th Birthday! Yay 👍🥳! What did you like/dislike about the game??".]
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13... uhhh.... I'm afraid I didn't like it too much. I held out until the open world finally opened up in the first game, but by that time I was already tired of it. I didn't like Snow much and really despised Hope. FF7 is my favorite, though I also liked 10 and 9. I bet I would have liked 6 if I had tried it closer to when it came out, but now it's just too old for me to deal with.

P.S. Oh wow, the URL of this topic has emotes in it!

P.P.S. Take that, Hope!
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