This is quite surprising. There was a drop-off after the 14 day trial period in September, as is to be expected, but to see such a resurgence is magnificant news. I'm glad to see Endwalker's doing as well as it is.

Much as I love Final Fantasy XIV and its well-deserved success I can't ignore a lot of toxic positivity around the game, and the comments section of that video is no exception. Developers such as Yoshi-P and co. suffer greatly for their art, and the sycophancy downplays that suffering.

As for Blizzard wishing they had this problem, I'm sure the poor souls who have faced harassment there would like nothing more than someone else's video games selling out being the source of all their earthly woes. Unfortunately, they can't begin to have this kind of success because of the vile conditions they're subjected to, knowing the people at the top can safely walk away from it at any time. Bobby Kotick's severance package comes to over $265million.

I apologise for getting so eaten up about this, but the feuds of MMOs still going on leaves little room for nuance and time to appreciate the very serious sacrifices of the very real people who make these games.
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Not playing anything that Square Enix makes. Their dialogue is atrocious. They refuse to put decent mouse/keyboard controls in their games. They won't spend the time to put decent graphics options in PC games. They are trying to normalize $70 as the new price point for AAA PC games. And anyone who was associated with Final Fantasy 13 or The Quiet Man should be banned from all future game making.
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FF13 was one of those games that made me hate cut scenes. Every action in game had a cut scene. I remember restarting game, skipping every cut scene and getting way further in 5 hours than you would had you watched the cut scenes. I get bored by too much story in games, so there is that.

I had a PS3, I only ever played 2 FF games, and was 13 & 14. I don't really like the battle system in 13 and I can't really remember why I stopped playing 14. It was a 5 years or more ago now.
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