Favorite "dead games"

Jan 4, 2023
A "dead game" is a video game that is still playable, but for which there are only a few players doing so.

I've been playing Day Of Defeat: Source for almost twenty years. Which is one of my favorites. And I do believe it counts as a "dead game".

With all of this said, what are your favorite "dead games"?
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I had literally thousands of battles on the origonal version of age of mythology but eventually it turned into just a glorified chat room . It is the only game that i have seen get closed down for the day if chat got toxic , the screen would go black and a message would appear saying sorry if your innocent.

I got the remake by skybox but personally i dont think it as good , steam page says thousand only which is a bit of a mystery to me because you go to the page where you look or scan for an opponant and it shows as low as 17 on and the most i have ever seen is about 120 , i put it on scan and sit reading but hardly ever get a battle
I really only play multiplayer these days in racing games, and those don't last very long because auto manufacturers only sign 5 year contracts and then the games have to be shut down. That said, I did play some Forza Horizon 3 earlier this year, and it hasn't been on sale for a couple of years, so it's pretty dead. Forza Motorsport 7 is also off the market, but people are still playing it quite a bit because they haven't made a new one.


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Jan 13, 2020
This is probably really obscure, but my favorite dead game (mod) was the Science and Industry mod for Half-Life.

A quick synapsis:
  • The two teams are rival corporations.
  • The win condition is to end a timed match with the most money.
  • Dying costs your corporation money because cloning is expensive.
  • Each team starts with a number of scientists that are to be protected.
    • You can kidnap scientists (using a briefcase to knock them out and throw them over your shoulder) and "recruit" them to your team by bringing them back to your base.
    • Each additional scientist increases research speed for new weapons and tech.
    • New tech is voted on by the team each time a tech has been made available.
  • The weapons that you can unlock through research included better guns, a GI destabilizer (makes a character vomit all over the place, slowing them down and obscuring their vision), and - my personal favorite - a briefcase suicide bomb, just to name a few.
  • Maps were basically built in the style of 2Fort from Team Fortress.
The most "dead games" i play are classic ones off of GOG. Pretty sure there wont be more than a handful of people playing the likes of Mortal Kombat Trilogy, Mortal Kombat 4 or Soldier of Fortune 2.
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