Ever have an odd computer problem that just went away on it's own?

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Jul 10, 2022
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My main gaming laptop has had nothing but problems. I don't know what the issue is, but strange things are constantly going wrong with it. For instance, there were a couple of months when the shift keys didn't work, then they just started working again.

Then yesterday, I was playing V Rising and the game crashed, or so I thought. I shut V Rising down to discover that Steam had crashed, and I couldn't close it. I went to Task Manager, but couldn't close all the Steam processes and Steam wouldn't relaunch. So I tried to reboot the system, but it couldn't close Steam, so it couldn't reboot. I let it sit there trying to reboot for over an hour. Finally, I just held the power button down until it shut down. But then it took five minutes to boot back up (usually it's just seconds), and when it booted back up, nothing was really working. Trying to click on anything on the desktop made the screen go gray and freeze up. So I rebooted, which took forever, and still had the same problem. I didn't know what else to do but keep rebooting. After about a dozen reboots, each one taking several minutes, all of a sudden everything was fine.

So what weirdness, if any, have you had. I should point out that my desktop and other laptop never do anything weird, so maybe you haven't had any experiences to share...
This is more like a symptoms of a failing hard drive. Check the health of your disk, if it really has problems, then make copies of your data. After that, carry out manipulations to restore the hard disk or buy a new one.