Dust removal

I just opened up my PC to install a new graphics card (which, incidentally, isn't working) and I noticed that my cpu cooler is caked in dust.

What's the best way to clean that out?

I think the cooler is too dense for compressed air to do anything and I've heard vacuum cleaners are not a good idea.

Thanks, I'll look into a brush.

I've plugged in the GPU and not getting any signal to my monitors.

I'm not sure what it could be. It's in the pci-e slot and power is connected. I uninstalled the nvidia drivers and software. It has been a couple of years since I last installed a graphics card but it has always been simple in the past.
which make/model 7900xt is it?
How many pcie cables does it need?

what PSU are you using?

All I did was uninstalled Nvidia drivers using DDU
took 2070 Super out
put 7900xt back in, attached both pcie cables
turned PC on and ran the driver installer for Adrenaline

also replaced PSU as my 750watt was questionable, so have a RM1000x now.
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This one? https://www.sapphiretech.com/en/consumer/21323-01-20g-radeon-rx-7900-xt-20g-gddr6

or the Pulse or Nitro versions?

base model should run on a 750 - techpowerup shows it only needs 700 - as should the Pulse. The Nitro vapour models more likely need 800, if only to run the extra fan and rgb.

Have you tried just with one monitor attached? tried hdmi and DP? last one shouldn't matter I think.

I only got a 1000 as it was unclear what I actually needed, the specs on techpowerup for my GPU say it has 3 pcie slots but it only has 2. I didn't know for sure until I got it - there still aren't any reviews for my card (Powercolor Red Devil RX 7900xt). I don't actually know the power usage of my PC.

Are you using 2 different PCIe cables for power?
I think it's the one Colif linked, the base gpu. I'll try with 1 monitor to start with.

The PSU is a corsair 750w. I think it's probably a 750x but I'll double check.

Thanks for the help guys!
Ok, so I'm getting a boot screen but then the monitor enters power saving mode and the machine restarts. Do you think that's a PSU issue?

Edit: that was with display port. The HDMI monitor allows the machine to stay on but I'm not getting any display whatsoever.
Edit: that was with display port. The HDMI monitor allows the machine to stay on but I'm not getting any display whatsoever.

I didn't see edit.

Speculation - could be the power draw on hdmi isn't as large as DP at startup. I can't find any proof though.

Displays can be first thing turned off if it is a power problem. Next is USB. Computer tries to save power for vital things like CPU & Ram & fans

it seems bad display port cables can stop PC booting - link
but its unlikely both cables - hdmi and DP - are bad.

I didn't wait to see if my Seasonic PX750 was good enough to run my card so I can't tell you if this is expected behaviour or not.
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i wish i had your order times. Unless I am really lucky, most of the parts I order come from across the country and it can take up to a week to arrive unless I pay for faster shipping - and even that is no guarantee if I order in December (But that is a mistake I won't repeat).
I paid for faster on the PSU and it took 3 days. GPU was overnight. I ordered 3 fans in December and they went missing for 2 weeks - I did get them but the not knowing where they were for 2 weeks made me pay more for the freight on GPU and PSU to make sure I got them.
Since Amazon brought out next day delivery, a lot of other companies have tried to follow as best they can.

It was out of stock on Amazon but I managed to get next day delivery on Overclockers. I did have to pay extra but I think it's worth it.
You can run a radiator or heatsink under the tap if it gets really bad. I use an old make up brush and a small compressor too.

Weird your not getting the card to boot, it shouldnt be drawing anywhere near full power at boot up, and so I would think it would only cause over power issues under a heavy gaming load. Not 100% though. I've forgotten what CPU you have, that can make all the difference for power consumption.

Do you have a second PCI-E slot on teh motherboard to try? Also @Colif asked earlier if you're using two separate cables from the PSU and I dont think you answered, sorry if I missed it.
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It looks like my psu (RM750) has 2 pcie outs but they are shared with cpu power. So I would have to unplug the cpu to use 2 separate pcie outs.

Am I being dumb?

Edit: sorry I missed one. Google shows 3 outputs for pcie on my psu. That'll teach me

Edit 2: ok so now the computer stays on with display port and I can get into bios but when I try to boot into windows it switches off the display again. Hdmi still not working as far as i can see.

Do you think I need to clean install Windows?
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I did use ddu before taking the old graphics card out. After trying to clear the cmos it took a bit longer when booting but ultimately did the same as before. I will try reinstalling Windows. Hopefully Overclockers customer service will get back to me soon.
I finally got it working!

Turns out clearing the cmos resets the bios and I needed to re-disable CSM to get Windows 11 to work.

Thanks for all the help everyone!

Do you think I should keep the rm1000x or should my rm750 do the job?
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