Does anybody have a Corsair Iron Claw RGB Wireless?

Aug 24, 2020
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I just got one and I love it, but after less than a week it started having double click issues. It looks like Corsair will replace it for free, but I'm just curious if anyone else had this issue? Seems rather odd for less than a week, and I'm hoping maybe I just got a lemon.
You just got a lemon.

I expect Corsair sell tens of thousands of these things so obviously other people too have got lemons:

Google any mouse, or any piece of hardware, it won't take long to find people having a defective one.

If it's a week old, you could replace it via Corsair, or potentially even via the retailer. If it's faulty and new the retailer would probably have to cover postage costs? May depend on local laws.


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