Do you like it when a game has an opening skills challenge that then sets your difficulty?

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play mostly single player games. especially with RTS games i've never played online. I generally don't play ranked so no idea how good it is at providing a balanced fight.

But personally i hate playing against other people as i just can't accept random dicks and getting one up on me. I've discussed in detail it the past about it. Plus i don't have time to get gud, repetitive nature of games etc.

I don't think AI is going to be able to properly simulate human level intelligence any time soon though. It's always going to be artificial intelligence and the computer will never play by the same rules as you.

The only proper solution I can see is to make friends with someone who is around the same skill level as you and play against them. Then it's not a "random dick" nor are you reliant on match-making or getting gud.
But also Normal mode is the TRUE way most games should be played the intential stats no one has an advantage and its skill that determines the winner.
...there are exceptions...
I don't agree with this at all, in fact I would say most games are an exception to that analogy. The reason Normal mode exists is the devs are trying to determine the average skill level of players. It's far more about that than balancing AI to player. The only games that really attempt to balance AI to players are ones which adapt to how well you play. The game will go easier on you if you keep dying, but ramp up enemy encounters when you breeze through sections. These type of games are more the exception than the norm though.

Also, when playing on harder modes, the player typically needs to be more spot on with tactics, and also find the best strategies. So playing on harder levels than normal tends to require more skill and knowledge of the game. Sometimes to "git gud" though is just a matter of simple observation. EVERY SP game after all is a simple matter of how the AI are programmed. Once you observe that carefully, it becomes easier to spot their weaknesses. Many games seem very tough at first, then become easier once you know them.

Sadly, many whom lack the patience (or time), to get to know a game well, end up rage quitting or unfairly bashing a game, which can also affect sales if it happens on a large scale.
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