DisplayPort vs HDMI

Apr 26, 2023
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Hello all,

I am new here, nice to meet you all on the forum.

So, back in 2017, I bought a PC I thought I would use for some gaming but I didn't use it at all for that purpose, and it has barely been turned on because I simply did not use it.

So here in 2023, I decided to buy a monitor to play on my PS5, and use it for PC as well for some casual gaming with friends.

Now, the question is: I got the PC connected to the monitor via HDMI, but from what I saw during research, DP would be a better idea for PC. My laptop doesn't have a DP slot, but has a type C port which supports DP 1.2.

My question is: Is it worth it to switch to DP via USB-C? Isn't it going to make some input lag because it is an adapter from USB C? What would be the better option? Stay with HDMI or switch to C-DP cable? (Although it is only DP 1.2)

By the way, the laptop is a HP cb-009np.

Thanks in advance!


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