dedicated GPU versus Integrated Graphics

Dec 17, 2020
Can one of the new generation Ryzen CPU with integrated radeon vega graphics with a crap load of system ram, say 64gb beat a dedicated graphics card


If you're taxing the latest titles with the APU, in a nutshell, nope. If you're taxing a very old title on the APU, then yes. SO the question is relevant to the title you want to tax the APU with.


The thread's section and the thread 's title are asking for suggestions pertaining to graphics cards. You're asking about whether a 3rd Gen Intel i3 is capable of delivering minimum processing power, then yes it will since the minimum processor requirement for the above mentioned game is an i3-2100(2nd Gen Intel i3). The iGPU on the processor will not handle anything in this day and age.

Case in point, processing power and graphical power are two arena's.

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