Could this program have casued any serious damage? Video included

Sep 30, 2022
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Did I damage my PC? Video included (Question 1 video)
  1. So basically wanted to give Signal rgb a try and found it fun and used it for a few hours while gaming, but didn’t like the fan profile setup. As I didn’t like the fan profile, it wasn’t working correctly when I was trying to it alongside ICUE to try and solve this issue. So just closed and went back to ICUE. Played fifa for maybe another 3 hours. Decided to watch a show, and heard my fans ramping up in the background and noticed the commander pro section of my fans were all chaotic, hitting like 5000 rpm which is impossible and plus it wasn’t that loud, just could hear the obvious ramping up and down and all temps seemed fine in HWMonitor. Only reason I saw it hit 73c the cpu was because I hit 150ish watts and 80 plus cpu usage with ICUE closed and so no fan profile enabled (I9 9900ks btw) I uninstalled signal rgb and restarted my PC and everythings seems fine now and back to normal. Could the ramping/what every was wrong with program while gaming have caused any damage to PC hardware?
  2. Cousin installed advanced system care and IObit uninstaller for some unknown reason, when I went about uninstalling advanced system care, pc screen went grey for a second and only the uninstaller section was still there, after a second pc desktop pic/task bar came back and program said uninstalled. Everything seems fine, they do something bad?

Unless you start having other problems and as long as your temperatures are in check I highly doubt any physical damage has been done from fans ramping up and down, its pretty much impossible. Maybe something screwed up in software but thats nothing a system restore point can't fix. No idea about teh uninstaller program, but its just a program and seems to have ok ratings, so I doubt theres any harm done there either.
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