Completionists—are we there yet?

Who among us is in urgent need of MAT—Move Along Therapy?

How long do you stand on the MAT? Must you get that last obscure hidden item, even if it takes the weekend?

Or are you more of a wipe your feet on the MAT and keep going kind of player—give the 100% a shot, but oh well if you can't hit it easily?

How many or what % of your games have you got near completion?
Is there any better info available than under Username > View Profile?

I'm not aware of having fully completed a game—it's not something I watch—but Steam says I have 21% Completion Rate, whatever exactly that means. I've finished plenty of games, so maybe some of those were 100% :unsure:

I played Far Cry 3 5-6 times, and started a couple of those saying 'I'll go after all the bits this time', but it never came to pass.

How about your efforts and successes?

Steam Completion explained:

The stat "Perfect Games" is closer to 100 percent completion than anything related to Completion Rate, which is just the percentage of achievements you've gotten. Out of all the games I've played, I only have 10 perfect games, but that's because I don't care. I've never consciously tried to 100 percent a game. My kids both did 100 percent complete games of Black Flag, which is pretty darn impressive. They did EVERYTHING. Caught all the shanties, etc. Anytime you can do that on an old Ubisoft game, I think that's an accomplishment. They don't fill them up like they used to, thank goodness.
I definitely collected a lot of trinkets in Assassin's Creed games, but then I also just enjoy running through the world, so it's a nice excuse to do that. I also usually try to get the optional objectives in each mission and will restart if I don't, though there are some missions that I just want to get over with.

I've never really cared about getting 100% completion just for the sake of having it though. I'm not going to make myself suffer for it.
I also just enjoy running through the world, so it's a nice excuse to do that. I also usually try to get the optional objectives in each mission
Same here. It works so much better if the world is alive though, such as in Far Cry games which also add randomness to it all. Another game I like, Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, has an almost empty world apart from some wandering deer. Definitely less of an incentive to chase the side stuff on second playthru.

I regard side missions as a core part of the game. My objective is never to get thru the game quickly, so of course I'll play 24 missions rather than 10.
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I've only gotten 100% on Subnautica, and was surprised when it happened. My average completion rate is 41%.

No Man's Sky is at 25/27, but that's likely to fall as they keep adding to the game. Assassin's Creed Odyssey is at 85/93

X3:Terran Conflict has 633 hours and just 1 of 33 achievements. They didn't count achievements in modified games and didn't have achievements at all when I first started playing. There's some Paradox games with many hours and no achievements because they make you play in ironman mode to get any achievements (e.g. Stellaris).
I struggle to even complete the storyline of most games, so pursuing actual completion is a wild fever dream to me. Even back when I was a younger, thinner man I still wasn't the type of completionist to chase down collectables unless there was a concrete reward that I actually cared about, and I can't recall that happening since the armour of brutus in AC2: Brotherhood.

I do remember getting quite side-tracked collecting the skill orbs in Crackdown 2 on X360, but again those had relevance to the gameplay.


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