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Apr 27, 2021
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Hi everyone.

So I live in China, and I have a bit of a weird connection issue. There are many games now that require some sort of connection to a "server" for single player games, so Rockstar Social club, Hitman, etc etc.

I find I absolutely cannot connect to any of these and it's very frustrating. Dirt Rally 2.0, Rockstar Games, X-Wing Squadrons, Hitman, all require you to be connected to their bloody network and for some reason it just absolutely does not connect.

I have no other connection problems in my "normal" playing or use of the internet, and I bought these games legitimately IN CHINA so there definately should be no problems on the great Chinese firewall.... see the below pic, that happens EVERY TIME I play Dirt Rally, or squadrons, or Red Dead 2.......... it's driving me nuts and I can't find a solution anywhere. Help!

What exactly happens, do the games stall out while 'connecting'?
Do you get any error message?

Try 'Ping' and 'Tracert' commands from the Command Prompt, they should tell you if you're getting thru to the servers, or else where the connection is breaking down.
If you're not aware, when you send a request to a server, it typically goes thru 10-20 'hops' on the way there, same again on the way back to you—yeah it's a miracle any of this stuff works at all!

Try changing your DNS server, Google is usually reliable & fast: and
Occasionally an ISP's DNS servers can get corrupted, used to happen a lot with RoadRunner in the US in the 00s.

If you find you're being blocked in-country, try a VPN—Opera browser has one built-in.
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