Cheap custom large mousepad


I am looking for a custom image on a mousepad, thinking about 2ft x 1.5ft average size. However my budget isn’t big, if you know of any site that provide this, can you let me know? It needs to be optical usable.

has anyone got a custom mousepad?

thank you.
what side is best/recommended?
I'm afraid I don't know, it's not a topic I've ever looked into, and I'm not UK-based.

Do you know any screen print operators, or is there a shop local to you? I'm guessing that's the most likely process to get an image onto a mousepad—if not, they'd probably know what would be better and might point you in the right direction.

When you say 'custom image', do you mean a generic one widely available? Eg my current one has an image from Battlefield 4 on it. Browsing mousepad sellers will find you plenty of those.

However if its your own personal image—eg a photo you took—that's different, and I have no further ideas for you. Good luck :)


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