Can YOU brew up a fitting game title?

only two weapons, em, utensils at your disposal regardless of what level you get to
Nailed the title!
First weapons require a stealth raid on a MikeDonals to snaffle a loot plastic-wrap—which gives you plastic weapons.

Mission 1: Chase 3 frozen peas around a paper plate arena, DbS—Death by Stabbing.
Level 2—metal fork upgrade available.

Mission 2: Cut 10 spaghetti strands… lengthwise.
Level 3—metal knife upgrade available, plus serious medkits scattered around.

Mission 3: Captured by Triad, gear removed, need to eat bowl of rice with chopsticks to escape.
Level 4—Straw cannon with hardened rice projectiles.

Which is just as well, cos…

Boss Fight!

We run, see if you can ketchup

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Nov 26, 2021
A.C.A.S.F.H.G (Action Comedy Adventure Sci-Fi Horror Game). The fact that they've come up to me of all people for a creative name tells me they don't deserve anything more creative. I'm the characters bloke, not the marketing bloke.

But that could work in a sort of ironic sense, being a comedy game. It sometimes works.


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