Can someone help me ID this video game? Load game menu is in days, hours, etc.

Jun 22, 2020
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Hey all,

I dream pretty often.. weird stuff, often cool. First "video game" dream I had in a while. I have been PC gaming a lot more these few weeks. Not relevant but I was "dreaming" I was "playing" like on the computer (I think) and then when I loaded the game yeah like normal PC gaming, third person.

It seems so familiar but I'm not sure what it is. Here are the distinctive characteristics I remember:

Kind of a grungy, dark blueish/blackish background in the Title and Load Game menus.

The different "saved games" (Load Game menu) are small, rectangular and arranged on the right hand side of the screen vertically (on top of one another, with a bit of space between each). Like a stack of boxes you can use the arrow keys to move up and down between them. Each rectangle has a square picture of the area on the left of the rectangle and on the remaining right side details about the location including some form of "days" and "hours" likely simulated in the game. For example one saved game was less than 24 hours so the days section was blank and the hours section just said 8 or something. One was 22 days and said "22d" under the days section and some odd hours under the hours section.

The game play was pretty generic. Not quite zombie but had an apocalyptic post-society feel to it. I was in this medium size room, white or gray, maybe dull steel kind of room. Not dim but not bright. Nothing really special about it I think there may have been a desk or filing cabinet, it mostly open space. Could have been an office or warehouse or something. Hard to describe. Things were disheveled and slightly grungy but far from "dilapidated". My character again third person was a male and I had a female counterpart. There was an open door leading to a slightly darker hallway and from it came some.... something. Not a zombie. Not a human. Not an animal. Like some mutant or genetic experiment gone wrong kind of thing. Not very tall but there were two. Maybe three. I attacked them as I could, more started to come and began to attack my counterpart. Always was watching her health, the more I played it she did die a few times and the game "reset" where I was just there with her somewhere safe. In one level some giant humanoid thing came, picked her up and ran away with her so I had to follow it all while being chased by more of the things.

Honestly it may have just been a dream but even so it was pretty fun. Lol. What game is this do you know? I'm almost certain it's a real game I played, heard of, or saw someone else play.


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