Can an in-game Wingsuit gain altitude?

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Yep. They operate on the same principles of flight as an ultralight plane so they can sacrifice forward momentum for altitude when necessary. I read something a while ago about a flightsuit so efficient that you could conceivably make a safe landing on foot by carefully bleeding speed with short upwards movements. Gotta think there'll be some tragedies while people learn how to do it though.
Thanks. Sounds like you're talking about a real-world suit. My bad, I edited threat title to add "in-game" to clarify :)

I haven't used 'em much, since I usually do a face-rock when trying to launch. But I *think* I've seen guys gain some altitude in videos, so just wondering…
i was going to say it depends on the game as its like any other vehicle or item in a game, each one treats them differently. Expecting them to act like in real life is a trap.

games are escapism, recreating reality inside a game does happen but most don't. I don't play games to be reminded of reality.
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Does it vary by game?

I only have experience with Far Cry, and that works like real life. You can't gain altitude. If you dive and go fast enough, you might be able to then go up a little bit, but you are going to be well below where you started the maneuver. That means you've lost altitude. If they ever create a wingsuit that can literally gain altitude, we'll have to rewrite physics.
I'm not certain, but fairly sure real-world wingsuits work like gliders in that they can ride up-currents to gain altitude. Just wondering if there were hidden currents in games, but seems like not yet.
Wingsuits can't ride thermals or updrafts. They don't have enough wing. Now, theoretically, it would be possible for them to ride a very, very strong updraft like you might find in a severe storm, but who wants to be flying a wingsuit during a severe storm?
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