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May 1, 2020
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Hi people I have a mate who is selling his pc. Want to buy it but not sure how much for. Wanted help from anyone on a rough price. These are the parts that it has

gigabyte z170x gaming 7 mother board i7 6700k intel processor 16 gb ddr4 corsair vengeance ram 1070 strix gpu corsair rm750x power supply corsair h60 liquid cooling an extra fan or 2 2 x 1 tb hdd but one isn't the best as it was from my previous pc so i put another in 250gb samsung evo ssd
PC parts loose value extremely quickly. For instance, AMD and Intel are both launching CPUs that are straight replacementys/upgrades for the 6700k for ~100-120 USD. The GTX 1660 gives GTX 1070 performance for ~$200+. Brand new DDR4 RAM would be $60-70. PSU ~$100(?)

And if buying new, you get a warranty. No warranty with 2nd hand.

If it were me buying, I'd take the price of a modern performance equivalent, halve it, and pay not a penny more.

That means I'd only want to pay ~$50 for an i7 6700k. But they are on ebay for $130+

As with and 2nd hand goods, it's worth only what someone is willing to pay.

Your friend may get more selling for parts on ebay. And you may get better value buying and building a new system. It depends if your mate really wants to sell that thing for as little as it's 'worth' (in my eyes) or as much as he can get for it.
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