Question Budget Gaming Laptop

Aug 3, 2020
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Maybe a chrome book that runs windows? therefore granting me access to my Steam library. I just want anything under $200 since it’s the only money I have right now. I have no idea which laptop I would buy to run Steam and play some CSGO. If you have one let me know..
I realised I have CSGO installed, and checking it seems to be almost 22GB in size.

At ~$200, most 'laptops' you can get are tablets with 64GB flash memory. Windows will take up a lot of that, and needs free space for things like upgrades. To the point that sometimes upgrades actually fail on tablets with only 32GB storage.

Looking at what's on BestBuy, once you start getting to the $250-300 range, you start seeing systems with 120gb flash storage, though these all have AMD A4/A6 CPUs which frankly I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy - these are based on AMD's old and terrible architecture.

At $300 there's a Dell Inspiron with a i3-8145U which is at least an okay low end CPU, but the screen is 1366 x 768 (HD) - which means it will be terrible by modern standards. And I don't mean just for gaming, I mean for basic things like browsing web pages and writing text documents.

You are probably best off not buying anything tbh...