Bottleneck? Ryzen 5 2600, Rog Strix 6700 XT

The picture of your GPU Options shows your GPU temp at 49c and the max fan speed at a minimum of 30%? Fan speed of 701RPM is a lot lower than it should be.

Also the power limit, although switched to the right says 15%?

I have an ASUS 6700XT, upgraded from an MSI Nvidia 1060 6GB. Mines running on a Ryzen 1600X on a PCIe 3 slot. I noticed a marked difference in what resolution and settings I could play certain games at.

Just loaded up Forza Horizon 5 and my Fan Speed is 1928, GPU 54C, Power Consumption 127w. This is 4k but using FSR2.2 set to performance mode. Graphics settings are using Ultra Preset.

The in game FPS meter shows rock solid 60FPS (limited in settings) with around 70-80% GPU usage.
With my 1060 I could only run 1080p with a few settings turned down.

Personally I would turn Fan and Power tuning off and run the card at it's default settings. Under Tuning/Global Tuning make sure it's set to Default.
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the default max fan speed on my 7900xt in that page before changing its value is 49%, I guess it could change for cards.

I can't compare fan speeds as mine is 0.

It really depends what system was doing at time of recording, as 49C is about max temp my GPU hits at idle before fans come on and it drops to 36c again.

Shame you can't use afterburner on AMD cards. I just run defaults as um, the card is good enough now. Maybe in a few years I might need to OC it more. It already is OC from factory - Powercolor Red Devil 7900XT
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