Bottleneck new desktop

Feb 18, 2022
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I am considering buying a second hand desktop with these specs. I will primarily use it for csgo.

will these specs create any kind of errors when using it?
- for instance of bottlenecks with the GPU and CPU?

- CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600X 3.7 GHz - 4.6 GHz - Samsung 980 SSD PCIe 3.0 NVMe M.2 - 500GB
- CPU air cooler - be quiet! Pure Rock Slim 2 - Max 2
- G.Skill RipjawsV DDR4-3600 C18 DC - 16GB - 2 Arctic P12 - Cabinet coolers - 120 mm - 23 dBA
- GeForce® GTX 1060 WINDFORCE OC 6G
- Motherboard - ASUS ROG STRIX B550-F GAMING
- Corsair CX650F RGB - White power supply - 650 Watt
- AeroCool Cylon RGB - cabinet - Miditower - white

thank you!
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Regardless of where you buy it from the first thing i would do is do a full clean install of windows to make it as if it had never been used before , as brian says above it could have been used for something suspect and in all honesty do you think the seller would admit that to you.

If buying from a private individual you need to see it working long enough to see if you get a message to say something on the lines of ..... invalid keycode or any other massages that might indicate your buying a machine with an illegal copy of windows. If you get the chance play around with the machine and whilst talking type rel into the search box and open reliability monitor to see if their are any hardware failure reports , its a bit sneaky but dont forget its your money your parting with.

If buying from a shop is it a refurbished machine.
If it is re-furbished your consumer rights carry more weight than a new machine , this is because re-furbs are usually faulty machines that have been repaired so when re-sold they must be fit for purpose where as when buying a new machine you have to accept that it might develop a fault.
open reliability monitor to see if their are any hardware failure reports
Last 20 days of my Reliability history, I have 21 critical failures—15 Windows and 6 Apps. I get lots of alarms in Event Viewer too, just spread out a bit more. All this while my PC continues to function just fine—so they're not necessarily a bad sign.

I use them when something does happen that I want to investigate, they're often useful at identifying the suspect(s).

That said, if the seller isn't too savvy, you might e able to use them to knock the price down :devilish:
Hi Brian i ignore reliability monitor unless it is obvious that something really is wrong , mainly because i once bought a brand new pc running vista , it was the worse operating system ever , it even logged windows failed to shut down correctly reports when i was using the pc with no intention of shutting it down . When i got a windows 7 pc i asked what was new on it and the tech guys just said its basically vista with all the rubbish removed
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