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Oct 27, 2021
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Hi Everyone! Can anyone help me in choosing mouse for graphics designing? I need for designing my own and clients projects. Waiting for suggestions from you guys.
You're going to get answers from a forum that deals with gamer's. I do graphic design but I need a precise mouse pointer to make sure I'm not skipping around onto other pixels. You also forgot to mention where you're located and what your budget for your mouse purchase is. You will also need to mention the sort of graphical work that you do. sure you need a mouse and not a stylus/tablet setup paired with an off the shelf cheap mouse?
I do art on my PC almost every day, and I use the SteelSeries Rival 600 (which someone on here recommended to me). I've used a lot of different ones through the years, including various Logitech and Razers, and they all had problems with jitter and skipping pixels. It was at a level that you wouldn't notice during normal gaming use, but which made doing art rather problematic.

It's only about $70, too. It's about medium sized and traditionally shaped, so it should feel good to use, as well.
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