Question Away for 2 weeks—leave PC plugged in?

Apr 9, 2023
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So, im gonna leave my pc for 2 weeks or more, should i leave it plugged in? Usually i unplug it but when come back to the pc. It wont turn on, the cpu fan wont spin and no display. But my way to solve it is to remove ram and plug it another RAM slot and hope the best. I have to do that like a few times until it turn on normally but after it turn on and i shutdown the pc and try to turn it on again, its going normal. My question is what is wrong with my pc and should i unplug it with the risk pc wont turn on?

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Hello Zeyrex , i have been a pc geek for 20 + years and i never unplug my pc's , i have all my gear plugged into a surge protector just in case something happens the my electricity supply whilst i am on holidays.

One of the reasons i keep it plugged in is because i once read surplus electricity in the mains supply makes the cmos battery last longer but weather this is a myth or not i dont know !!!!!
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