atmostfear is a tall glass of nope


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Okay, so this is kind of embarrassing, but quite honestly as a kid we had the VHS board game atmostfear and it scared me so much, I hid the box in the garden.

Do we think this sort of game will ever have a resurgence? I'm guessing it would be wicked in VR if it did, and you were up against a live dungonmaster.

Also I just found THE WHOLE VIDEO on youtube, and it brings back so many memories!


PCG Robin

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Dec 10, 2019
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I found this so scary as a kid! I remember you had to talk to the video at certain points (for some reason) but I was too terrified to look directly at him.
Jan 13, 2020
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Oh my! We had this as a kid, but it was called Nightmare in the US I guess? Or they changed the name.

We actually found it recently and played it again as adults. It makes a surprisingly good drinking game! 😂
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I was too young to play/experience it but i did see the adverts and i saw the expansion packs etc. might look that up sometime.

We should talk more about classic board games of yesteryear. Played a load of Space crusade and Darkworld when i was a kid. Along with the classics like connect 4, battleship, fustration, guess who etc etc.
I've said this in another thread, but I remember getting this game for Christmas. I was really excited because it looked so cool. I played it once with my family, but none of them understood how to play (the only board games they knew were the popular ones like Monopoly and Cluedo). The game was never played again.