ASUS to make a PSU that's illegal in US & Canada

Jan 23, 2020

To those unfamiliar, the power draw of your standard wall outlet is 1800W. However, 1500W is considered to be the maximum safe power draw out of fear that going over this limit will start an electrical fire. You also have to remember that you'll have other devices besides your computer plugged into your power strip, so that 1500W is going to have to be budgeted across multiple devices.
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Silverstone has a 2050 watt model, I think another brand released one based on the same platform. Theres been 2000 watt models for a few years.

Is it possible to pull more than 1500 Watts even with a 12900 KS overclocked and a 3090Ti using ambient cooling?

Going by review power numbers, I'd say what 400 watts for the CPU and 600 Watts for the GPU is about max when stress testing on both. LN2 would be more but I assume you have to have uprated power outlets for that.
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