Arma 3 FPS Issues

May 23, 2021
Ive recently bought Arma 3 and dosent work good at all, I have AMD athlon 3000g Radeon vega graphics 3.50 GHz, 4gb ram , nvidia geforce 1050 2gb gainward, and it runs on like 24 fps on average, any help?
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I have no specific knowledge of Arma 3 I'm afraid so I can only give some general tips. You didnt mention what in game quality settings you are using. If you havent already try turning them down all the way and see if performance improves.

I'm sure you can find a guide in Google as to which graphical settings are most demanding and you can optimize from those.

If you already have everything set as low as possible, it looks to me that you have a bare minimum of system RAM available. Try shutting down all non essential programs from your system tray before playing the game, so no web browsers running in the background for example.

If that doesn't help the first thing I would look into is adding more system RAM. 8GB is really a minimum these days for gaming.