Are V30 MicroSD Cards Fast Enough for Gaming?

I don't know if I'm under the right category, but I think SD Cards are accessories :D

My Steam Deck invite finally came and hopefully it should be with me end of this week, I was already an idiot and bought an MicroSD card for it. I got the SanDisk Extreme Pro V30 cards, mostly because I found several buying guides where they all (more or less) agreed that SanDisk is a good option (e.g. New York Times in their 5 Best MicroSD Cards article, Apfellot with their take, and eSportsheadlines with their best Steam Deck SD cards)

But now, after a bit of research, I stumbled on some potential doubts, and I'm thinking of returning it and to get something better.


The issues that I have right now are related to the speeds. From the little research I did, I found out that V30 cards are the slowest from this generation of MicroSD's, with the V60 being the optimal, and V90 being the fastest option out there.

Since those stats affect the minimum write speed, I was curious, did anyone had bad experience with V30 cards? Be it on the Nintendo Switch or some other handheld?
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