Apparent electrical failure in my newly built PC, could use some advice based on indicator lights from motherboard

Jul 22, 2023
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Hi, so I thought I would ask in this community about a recent PC build of mine. So, I am using some dated parts for this PC, but they are all new. I built the machine and attached all the cabling properly, but I notice that when I turn the power on, I see both the CPU and DRAM red lights illuminate on the motherboard (Gigabyte B360 HD3) in a somewhat alternating fashion. I know for a fact that the ram cards are securely fastened in the slots. I wouldn't exactly know what is wrong with the CPU, however.

Anywho, I see the power to the machine come on for maybe 15 seconds or so, and then it just shuts off. Without my intervention it does try to reboot, although the same thing will happen.

Has anyone seen an issue like this with a PC build? Especially with both of these indicator lights flashing in alternation? I am hoping to be able to diagnose exactly where the issue is, but I don't know where to start doing that.

Thanks for any help anyone can offer.
Welcome :)

This is one I'm going to suggest you take over to Toms Hardware. Theres a lot more eyes over there for this kind of troubleshooting. To me it sounds like unfortunately you have a hardware fault, potentially the motherboard or CPU. All I can think of is to remove the CPU and check for damage in the socket or on the bottom of the CPU. Also worth trying to boot with one stick of RAM in different slots.

You should list your full system specs along with rough dates of purchase, that way people will have a better idea what to suggest.