anyone played syberia 2 .... item gone missing

I got brother alexie's book and the youkol relic from where it was hidden and when i got to the place where i need to use it , it had gone from my inventory so i am now stuck.

I looked for console commands to see if their is a work around but i cant find any
I played it ~20 years ago—good luck, I only remember one thing about it, that it was work!

On this page…
…if you search for "alexei" there's a comment:
"Stained-Glass Mammoth is no longer obscuring the scroll".

Maybe that helps? 🙃

PS well two things: Kate Walker ;)
It must have been a random bug because i had to do that bit 4 times before the item stayed in my inventory so i could use it. I know they are old games but i just never got round to buying them.