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Aug 27, 2020
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Hello !

So my laptop have been having a bunch of problems lately. The context is, I've been on hollidays for more than 3 weeks, without my laptop, it was completly off when I left. When I came back, it was incredibly slow, couldn't browse correctly, watch videos correclty, play any game I could easily play before. So I decided to "Reset" it, with windows options, it was usually enough to get it to work fast again. I did that 3 times, but it still don't work, same problem, a sort of stuttering, everything is slow, like my laptop performances were being capped. So I decided to completely format it. I've installed windows and windows only, two times, and the problem is still here. I've tried once of these two times browsing with the default browser, without installing anything else, and it was still slow.
I've done a benchmark, well several benchmarks actually, there'll the details of my components there, and if you don't trust the link I'll put screenshots if needed :)
Benchmark : ( The thing is that I don't know if this is a reliable benchmark, if it is accurante and all )
I don't know what to do anymore, what I've been thinking about is taking it somewhere to repair it because I can only think of a physic problem on the components maybe.
Thank you for the assistance !
Aug 27, 2020
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johnwaker is a spammer, ignore.

You should post the model name and/or main components—CPU, GPU, RAM, PSU wattage, disk types & free space on system disk—to make it easier for people here to help you.

Do you see anything in Task Manager?
How about Event Viewer?
Oui bien sûr !
Le modèle de l'ordinateur est un Asus GL502VS
Composants principaux :
Intel I7-6700HQ
Nvidia GTX 1070(mobile)
SSD HFS128G39TND-N210A 128GB
RAM Samsung M471A1K43BB0-CPB 1x8GB
And for the PSU wattage I don't know how I can check it :/

About the Task Manager :

And for the Event Viewer, I've never heard about it, what is intresting for me to show you ?
Your specs look good to me—but I'm only an experienced user filling in until one of the experts here sees your problem :)
The issue which jumps out is your memory 70% loaded. That's quite high for 8gb, look in Task Manager's Processes tab to see what's using all that RAM.
Event Viewer, I've never heard about it, what is intresting for me to show you ?
I don't know, it's a long time since I had to use it, so I don't recall which sections would be relevant to your situation.
Over to an expert, good luck!


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