Amd A8-6500

Feb 21, 2021
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Hi guys its my first time being here . I have been playing on my ps4 for the first time it came out i also have a old pc that i got a couple years back
I started playing on my pc receantly and i dont have smooth gameplay i have to put all my setting on low to be able to play but its not that smooth for some games i would like to upgrade my graphics card but i dont know what is the best choice for my pc
Processor:AMD A8-6500 with Radeon(tm) HD graphics
Installed RAM: 14,0GB (13,2 GB usable)
System type :64bit operatint system, x64 based processor
Hi and welcome to the site. It would be good if you could list your full system specifications including:

-Case make and model.
-Storage (SSD, HDD, size)
-Power supply, exact make and model is important.
-Display resolution.

We also need to know what your budget is, and what games you are hoping/trying to play.
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