Age of Wonders 4 early access reveal

Okay, I lasted 20+ minutes in the video before going to Steam and marking it Ignore, with the note "Heavy RPG-style complications".

Civ6 has already substituted complications for strategy overmuch in my book, so I sure don't need that level of detail multiplied by a factor of maybe 5-10.

It looks beautiful tho, seems to play very smoothly, and the UI looks really good at first glance. If it's your thing, you could well have a blast.

RPG players, if you're sometimes tempted by strategy, this could be the one to explore. It seems equipped to be very annoying, and cause a lot of pain, both traits I know you guys value very highly :p
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well, it is part 4. I have watched people play 3 before... I might even buy it but I have a few games like it and I never get past the buying stage lol.

I get bored by people doing manual combat. It slows down the videos, gets to point I just skip ahead to end. I understand its necessary on harder difficulties but still. Its one part of the game type I don't like.


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