PCG Article 40,000 DotA cheaters banned

wondering how they knew when something was reading the data inside
A 'honeypot' is a standard anti-malware tactic, so I bet that's what they coded in after reverse-engineering the cheat to understand its behavior.

Then code sth which other memory scanners—eg real-time anti-malware software—wouldn't touch, but the cheat code would. Get multiple reads from a player, and you've caught a cheater. Do that until catches reduce to a trickle, and drop the hammer.
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The best thing to do with dota 2 would be to close and delete everybody's account , shut the "back doors " then let new and old players back in. It is the most toxic game i have ever used.

A few years ago i tried it for a week and unless things have changed i wont use it again.

This is my experience ..... i did tutorial to get a feel for the game then i let the match maker put me in a team , i got abuse from both my team AND the opposition team for allegedly messing the game up by doing things wrong. As you can see from my avatar i am not a child but the abuse i got just made me want to smash my gear ..... keyboard heros .... At that time you could vote report player without having to give a reason , the length of time you were locked out depended on how many other reports against you had been done. Plus because of how the report works the devs probably dont even know the server has locked you out ..... thats what happens on warframe as well.
Hey Brian i just looked at your link and the first sentence made me lol ..."..With more than a little braggadocio, "

It reminded me of john travolta being interviewed on a chat show in england , he was asked a question and instead of saying i dont want you to think i am being a big head he used the word BRAGGADOCIUS .... he could not understand why the audience was laughing , maybe its an americanism


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