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  1. JSimenhoff

    How To Managing Witcher 3 Save Files

    The save file location for the Witcher 3 on Windows is X:\Users\username\Documents\The Witcher 3\gamesaves, where “X” is the hard drive that holds your Documents files. By default, this is the C:\ drive. If you’re not using a default username, then replace “username” with your own username...
  2. JSimenhoff

    How To Witcher 3 Master Armorer Quest Walkthrough

    The Master Armorer can be found in Crow’s Perch in Velen. While you can make initial use of their services, it will only unlock crafting masterwork armor once you have completed the quest “Master Armorers”, which will begin after you ask Fergus about a Master Armorer. While the quest can be...
  3. JSimenhoff

    How To How to unlock the Master Blacksmith the Witcher 3

    The Master Blacksmith can be unlocked by completing the level 24 quest, “Of Swords and Dumplings”. It begins after overhearing the conversation between two townspeople outside Hattori’s shop, found at the location circled on the map below. Alternatively, many of the various blacksmiths in game...
  4. JSimenhoff

    How To How to Unlock New Game + for Witcher 3

    NG+ in the Witcher 3 will begin the game fresh, using the current level of the Geralt in your save file, and keeping all of the items in your inventory, provided they aren’t plot critical. Unfortunately, this means that you won’t be able to keep your Gwent cards, as a number of quests in the...
  5. JSimenhoff

    How To What Difficulty Level to Play the Witcher 3

    What Each Difficulty Does in The Witcher 3 Before starting your new game of the Witcher 3 you’ll be tasked with the classic conundrum - Without knowing anything about how good you are at the game, how hard would you like it to be? Effects of Difficulty The difficulty of monsters has seemingly...
  6. JSimenhoff

    How To In what order should Witcher 3 DLC be played?

    The short answer is that players should play through the game’s major expansions in the order of their release. That order being the following: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Hearts of Stone Blood and Wine Hearts of Stone Starting with the quest “Evil’s Soft First Touches”, Hearts of Stone is...