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  1. astraldede

    Question (pls help) pc started running slow af

    (asus rog notebook) so i just got a razer mouse today and i downloaded synapse and made some settings,and i downloaded geforce experiment and everything was i opened up hitman III (not the first time im opening this game btw).and when i just cliccked options in game pc started having...
  2. R

    Solved Can anyone pinpoint my PC problem?

    Hello, about a year ago, I upgraded most of the components in my PC. Everything but the GPU, SSD, and PSU. Every now and then (seemingly random) my PC just locks up / freezes. It seems to happen most when the PC is either idle or has a video / stream playing for a while. It happened recently...
  3. Helppls:(

    Question No monitor signal with pc on (Keyboard not working , mouse not working)

    Help! My PC is turned on but i get no signal and my mouse and keyboard will not turn on! Tested mutiple PSU My specs are : Ryzen 7 2700X MSI a320M PRO VDS ( i did a bios update) (NO LEDS ON EZ DEBUG) RX 5600XT ( LEDS ARE ON) ( Tested a HDMI and DP) 2 8GB 3000MHZ (Tried only using one and...
  4. L

    Solved Need help with Wi-Fi network card not recognized after installing ssd

    Hello! Recently I decided to upgrade my computer by installing a new ssd in my secondary M.2 slot(since my first slot is already being used by a primary ssd which contains my OS/windows10). However, after installing it and booting up the PC, I could no longer connect to my PC via Wi-Fi. For...
  5. UghThatGuyAgain

    Question Games crash, leaving DX crashed and most all other games running DX unable to load

    Hi there! I'm brand new to the forum, but this is my first thread anywhere requesting help about this. The title fairly well explains it, but let me go into a bit more detail. I am running a Windows 10 ASUS Gaming Laptop with an NVIDIA GTX 1050, 16 GB of ram, and an Intel i7-7700hq. Below in...
  6. shansen

    Question PC won't boot unless I take out the CMOS battery and discharge (video of problem included)

    - ASRock Z77 extereme4 - i7 3770k - Asus strix 2080ti - Corsair RM750x - 16 GB of ram, can't remember brand Like the title says, my pc won't boot unless I take out the CMOS battery and discharge it (by holding down the power button for 15 seconds) between every boot. Since I can get into...
  7. H

    Question I have recently moved my PC and now my exhaust fan is rattling

    I've recently moved my pc and now it makes a rattling noise, I know it's my exhaust fan because when I hold the case where the fan us attached to it stops, the fan is an arctic P12
  8. A

    Question My PC keeps rebooting

    CPU - intel i7 9700k Motherboard - MSI mpg Z390 gaming pro carbon GPU - Radeon XFX rx 5700 xt raw ll RAM - XPG 8 GB 3200 mhz (4x) DATA - Samsung ssd m2 500 GB Watercooler - Corsair H110i platinum Power Supply - Corsair CX 750M I bought every piece by my own knowledge. After all the pieces...