Question No monitor signal with pc on (Keyboard not working , mouse not working)

Dec 13, 2020
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My PC is turned on but i get no signal and my mouse and keyboard will not turn on!
Tested mutiple PSU
My specs are :

Ryzen 7 2700X
MSI a320M PRO VDS ( i did a bios update) (NO LEDS ON EZ DEBUG)
RX 5600XT ( LEDS ARE ON) ( Tested a HDMI and DP)
2 8GB 3000MHZ (Tried only using one and tested both)
CX600 PSU Corsair ( Tried another PSU did not work)
A SSD and HDD ( Tested every scenario) (Plugged both in and out and one in)
You've done good basic troubleshooting, so there's nothing obvious re the parts and their connections.

Is this a new PC, first time turning it on?
If it's an existing PC which suddenly failed, did you change anything—hardware mainly—shortly before?

Look around the motherboard with a flashlight. Do you see any capacitor tops bulging, or burn marks on the board's surface?