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  1. BackStack1002

    Are e-sports and competitive video gaming actually full of so called "cool macho" guys and not really full of nerds?

    Are hardcore gamers of competitive video games and e-sports such as FPS, competitive RTS, and MOBA really just what people call as "cool manly" guys and not really the stereotypical nerds and geeks? Is it really true that majority of the stereotypical nerds or geeks are often unskilled and bad...
  2. KiwiBlitz

    Question Games similar to Battleswarm: Field of Honor?

    Hey So i don't use forums like this a lot so sorry if this is the wrong place but i recently managed to remember the name of the game in the title that i remembered playing. I thought it was pretty cool both how you fought hordes on the human team and how it was a FPS/RTS hybrid. Of course...
  3. MindlessMe

    Your favorite strategy series

    We all have our favorite strategy games that may or may not get replaced as new games come out but what is that one series you love? One caveat is that you don't have to love every entry in the series. Personally mine has to be Command and Conquer. Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War is a close second...