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  1. A

    Air fans on top of water cooler fans

    I would like to install two RGB fans on top of my water cooler fans but I do not know if it will affect the water cooler performance... Has anyone tried it? Water cooler is installed in front of my case but on the inside and case has two more spots for fans on the outside.
  2. Lylat1an

    Which DDR4 RGB/LED Memory might display this effect?

    I would like the RAM of an upcoming build to display a specific 'light show'. I want to have an effect similar to the 'Blinkenlights' of an IBM 360 mainframe console: All shining the same color and moving groups of LEDs in one direction, each DIMM out of sequence from the others. Ideally I...
  3. U

    Question Rate my Ultra Wide Gaming Budget Build [PCPARTPICKER List In Thread]

    https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/C9Kksk How is this build looking for Ultra Wide Gaming on a budget?