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  1. jimmyzar

    Pre-Built Pc between $700-900

    I'm looking for a decent gaming pc. The reason why I'm choosing a pre-built system is that it is really difficult to find some of the parts for separated at a good price. I have a 1080p 75Hz monitor, so I don't think that I would need to run games at super high graphics. I'm going to use it for...
  2. B

    What would YOU change about this 3070 pre build?

    I’ve heard negative things about pre builds... I went ahead an ordered one though as I do not have much experience building PCs (and it was the only way to get my hands on a 3070). Primary use will be; -Playing Call Of Duty Warzone at highest FPS possible -Streaming call of duty to twitch...
  3. R

    Buying first gaming PC would like some people's advice. Please Help.

    So someone is wanting to buy me my first gaming pc but the only thing is it has to from either bestbuy or amazon and the budget is $800 if it went over $200 I could cove it if there was that much of a difference in hardware and spec. I do want to be able to upgrade this pc later down the road...