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  1. Zloth

    PC Gamer News Paging not Working

    When I try to go to the next page of news on PC Gamer, it takes me back to the first page. I tried turning security off and still got the same thing.
  2. T

    GPU or PSU problem

    hello, i bought an rx580 8gb 2 weeks ago,everything worked perfectly but two days ago i let my pc turned at night, when i woke up i found that the pc kept restarting all the night. I know that it was a cpu problem, i fixed it, but when i wanted to start a game my pc crashed, i started sdoing...
  3. leafBinx

    GPU Upgrade Bottleneck Issue

    Hello, so i'm currently having CPU - AMD FX8300 Eight Core and GPU - AMD Radeon R7 370. I'm planning on buying GPU - GeForce GTX 1650 SUPER OC 4GB, but I'm worried whether there would be any improvement due to bottleneck. I need some advice please.
  4. J

    Question Black screen in Resident Evil 6

    Hi guys ! . I've been trying to play RE6 on my new PC, but every time I run it, it takes like 15 minutes to load, and it's stuck in the infamous black screen. I've read and tried a lot of things to fix it, but nothings seems to help. When it does get in (after the long wait), I create a game to...