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  1. onigiristudio

    Question What games rekindled your love of PC gaming?

    I went through a period of 2-3 years in my late teens / early twenties in which I basically lost interest in PC gaming after having been an AVID PC gamer from the age of 22! Until, in the early YouTube gaming days, I came across TotalBiscuit and decided to try a few of the games he had covered...
  2. rootstereo

    Check out the development of Wild Terra 2: New Lands.

    New gameplay of Wild Terra 2 Online: New Lands. Our dream game in development. Construction of houses, fishing and furnaces for the processing of recently added basic materials and minerals. The pre-alpha stage will be until the end of the weekend and then we will start the alpha. New...
  3. Kamaz

    Fallout inspired indie hardcore isometric cRPG SpaceWreck

    Umm, hi! I am hobbyist game developer (I was full-time but the company kind of went down) and together with my friend, just two of us, are working on a computer RPG, inspired by the original Fallout games of '97 and '98 as well as some ideas from New Vegas. The game is set in relatively near...