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  1. R

    Question What is the best pc mid tower case for my hardware?

    Hello I need to upgrade my pc case to something of higher quality and more ventilation than my current case. I have been recommended a Cooler Master MASTERBOX E501 based on my hardware which includes MSI Z270 Tomahawk, GTX 1060 6GB, I7 7700k and 16GB RAM. I am also hoping to upgrade to a RTX...
  2. khecker

    What gaming PC to buy and what to do when coming from Mac?

    I am a Mac user. But there is no future in gaming on Macs anymore, so I am ready to switch. What PC maker offers great support and deals for a novice PC gamer that never had to deal with the PC gaming world? Please keep in mind that as a mac user I never had to deal with updating drivers...
  3. Caleb045

    Advice on building a new gaming PC

    Hey All, I am new here so please be gentle. It has been a very long time since I have built a rig of any type. So I am not hugely familiar with new hardware and other than the research I have done myself on watching endless videos and looking into a million different benchmarks I am...