What gaming PC to buy and what to do when coming from Mac?

Jul 5, 2020
I am a Mac user. But there is no future in gaming on Macs anymore, so I am ready to switch. What PC maker offers great support and deals for a novice PC gamer that never had to deal with the PC gaming world? Please keep in mind that as a mac user I never had to deal with updating drivers, graphics cards or any of that, all that is completely new to me not buying a monitor. Grateful for any advice, tips, articles,or personal experience.

Feb 17, 2020
Welcome :)

There isn't really any great mystery to PC gaming. In terms of updating drivers, Windows handles that. You may periodically want to update your graphics card drivers, but it's usually a case of "download thing - double click thing - run thing - done".

Even physically upgrading a graphics card, which you'd only do every 2-4 years, can be a 5 minute job.

Someone else on the forums recently jumped from Mac to PC - have a look at this:

You say you're not buying a monitor? What screen are you gaming on? What resolution and refresh rate is it?

And in terms of companies to buy from, where are you shopping and in what currency?