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  1. B

    Buying a gaming PC need help TIA

    I’ve been thinking about buying a gaming pc and I’ve been on a budget of around $600-$700 and found one but need people who have been on pc for a while and know what they’re talking about to guid me in the right direction. Here’s the specs of the pc I found: This is a gaming pc with an i5 6500...
  2. T

    Connection problems

    Hey, So I have buy a pc for like 5 month ago and when I buy it it was super no problem but just 2 weeks ago I add so internet / connection problem. I think that it come from my USB thing that detect wifi (I have a tower pc gaming). Its my first gaming pc and I don't know how to fix the problem...
  3. Spidia

    Any suggestions/advice? Got some question

    Hi, this is my first PC build and I'd like to know any suggestions you guys might have. I'm planning on buying this pc when nvidia releases the rtx 3000 series and have some questions: 1. Is it possible to control all rgb lights simultaneously with one software? 2. Is this board compatible...
  4. K

    Question Need help buying my first gaming PC!

    Hello! I am buying my first gaming pc and need some opinions on which one to buy. I've done some research and have narrowed it down to these two. If you have any other suggestions I'd also be interested! Would prefer to buy from Best Buy. Trying to stay under $2000 CAD. Also wondering if buying...
  5. A

    Please help

    If anyone that knows a lot about gaming PCs can help me please reply I have a pretty good gaming pc but my games like modern warfare and even Minecraft have been lagging pretty bad lately and I dont know what to do.
  6. L

    Beginner looking for advise

    Hi all, this has more than likely been asked about 506755446 times but here it goes. im looking for some advise with buying a new pc. im looking to be playing call of duty in as good quality as possible without going overboard on cost. for example there is someone selling a PC with this spec...
  7. G

    Question Upgrading my Gaming Pc I built in 2016 (How do I go about this?)

    So recently I decided I want to upgrade my PC that I built back 2016. I told myself I wanted better graphics,more ram and a faster processor but I am trying to figure how I can upgrade from the parts I already have without running into any issues with compatibility. Usually I occupy myself with...