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  1. Nova_Gaming

    Building a PC for my brother

    Im building a pc for my brother Budget: £2000 He will be mainly playing games so it will need: A lot of space A good CPU Fast RAM Good GPU You can cross the line but not by a lot 😅🤞
  2. iVanityXI

    A build for around 1000-1500

    Hey! I'm looking for a gaming PC build for around 1000-1500 EURO so that'd be around 1800 USD? Not fond of RGB/Aesthetics, i just want a powerful pc that can run most games on high quality. I live in the EU but i think most parts are available worldwide right? So just think of pure power...
  3. xtrgamer123

    Question Need help with my first gaming build 1080p 60 fps

    I'm afraid I'm pretty clueless on how to go about this and will need help filling the blanks. Budget: 700$ including monitor Location: India (for eg. a Zotac GTX 1650 Super Twin costs about 200$ converted) Requirements: I want to play a game like Doom Eternal @ 1080p 60 fps high settings. 512...
  4. M

    Desktop configuration help

    Hey everyone, I am configuring my first desktop right now and was wondering what everyone thought, such as if it's too much, what I need or don't, etc. Trying to get something that's an investment but not over the top. I'm also using this for music production as well. So any input would be great...