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  1. slys

    Question PC "Crashes" While Rendering (With Davinci Resolve 17 & Vegas 18)

    Dear PC Gamer Community, This has been happening on/off for most of my time owning this PC (self-built), however, it has been rising in frequency recently (eventually coming to the point where it crashes on every render). Details of renders: I was trying to render a simple 6 minute video...
  2. Reggalius

    Question High Demand Games Crashing my Build

    Hello All, I recently went big, and upgraded my Rig with state of the art hardware, but am still experiencing crashing within higher demand games such as Destiny 2 and Devil May Cry 5. Initially, I thought that it was a power supply issue, as it was a 600w trying to power state of the art GPU...
  3. RagnarMeireles

    Question Fallout just freezes in the middle of the game

    I just bought fallout 3 and I had problems to start the game and now in middle of the game, it just freezes and i have to shut down the game, can someone help me ?
  4. Bobbylol

    Question Graphical Artifacts and Crashing

    Description: My computer for the past 3 months been spewing artifacts at me when skipping, pausing, and loading videos, and for the past 6 months crashing in specific games (Dead by Daylight, War Thunder), the crash results in a black screen with audio output but no input from my mic and...
  5. M

    Games Crashing On Newly Built PC

    Hey, I've recently gotten a new PC with the specs of: Ryzen 5 3600x, RTX 2060 super, 16 GB DDR4 3200, ASUS Prime Motherboard, Liquid Cooled. So as it sits all games will crash if graphics load is high enough. Ex. GTA, Call of Duty, Fortnite on highest settings, and any VR game will crash after...