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  1. Mathiasm27

    Question Split Screen Gaming w/ GF

    Hi there! I've been looking on some co-op games to play with my gf while we're on quarentine together. We had a blast on Castle Crashers (we've just finished), but any game style would fit. Just looking for some good, fun co-op experience to play with her. Only thing is the game has to be...
  2. SeriousNERD

    Best local co-op games you have played

    Hello everyone, I'm opening this thread because I'm constantly on the lookout for fun local co-op games with 3 or more players. So I'm looking for the games you enjoyed the most with your friends/family. The ones I played and enjoyed the most are Magicka 1 & 2, Trine 1 & 2, still haven't had the...