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  1. PhillyTaylors

    Building a PC primarily derived from the "Best Seller" tag on!

    I know from years of playing on, using, and looking at PC prices that building one is usually if not always the best option but does anyone know of any fully built gaming pcs that are actually a good value where maybe you would only be spending a little more to buy it put together already? Or...
  2. Piggu

    Question Higher-End RTX 3080 Build

    Hello everyone, This post was originally asking for opinions, and I saw comments that were really helpful. But I want to go for a higher-end build for this PC. I'm updating this build because I changed some parts. Any predictions on how this PC will run some mainstream games? Thanks! Build...
  3. A

    Question First PC Build, Suggestions Welcomed! (List included)

    Hey everyone. This would be my first time building a PC and I want to ask for recommendations and if anyone can help see if this is a good build. I primarily wish to use my PC for video editing, photo editing and design, and some light gaming (as of now). This is what would be included in my...
  4. C

    Is this a good build for the price? Anything I’m missing, or spending too much/too little on?
  5. M

    When to build a new PC and other questions

    Hi everyone, I’m a lapsed PC gamer, built my last PC in 2009 and never upgraded so so the last few years I’ve been playing exclusively on PS4. I’m now starting to think about next gen gaming, and neither the Xbox nor PS5 have the kind of killer exclusives that would make them must buys (I...
  6. D

    New PC Build Advice

    Hey guys, I'm trying to navigate a new Gaming PC purchese and the specs are somewhat confusing to a newbie like me so I thought I would ask some experts. As a background, I want to record Gameplay videos with this machine and maybe consider Streaming in the future. I also want to do some PC...
  7. Gumbledore

    AMD Build slacking

    CPU: AMD fx-8350 - £150 new Motherboard: ASUS SABERTOOTH_990FX - £100 new Memory: Corsair-CMZ4GX3M1A1600C9-Vengeance-Performance-Memory-Black/dp/B004CRSM48 ( x2 4G) - £40 each new Storage: SEAGATE BARRACUDA 1TB £35 - SanDisk SSD PLUS 240 GB Sata III 2.5 Inch Internal SSD, Up to 530 MB/s £38...
  8. martin_cast92

    Question Please help with HW

    Hi everyone in the community hope you’re all doing great and always stay home to avoid this worldwide situation I know I am new but I am in a really hurry , I would like to build a pc for games and work same time , my last computer specs were: 12gb ram ddr3 1600mhz 120gb ssd 500hdd GT 730 2gb...
  9. C

    1st Gaming Laptop - Need Advice

    Okay, so I'm as new as it gets to gaming laptops (and gaming pcs in general) and I want to get some advice and recommendations before I take the plunge. I understand that GPU and CPU matter the most when measuring a pc's ability to play a game, but looking at string after string of numbers has...
  10. S

    Question Opinions on this build please! First time buying my own..

    Hi all, Always had a 'hand-me-down' PC and never bought and specced my own but now the time has come! Woo! I mainly play FPS or MOBA games. Looking to play on high settings with over 120fps. Budget circa £1000 gbp. I already have all peripherals I'd need from my current set up.. (running with...
  11. T

    When should I rebuilt my PC

    My PC: -H97 ANNIVERSARY FOR 1150 SOCKETS -i5 4460 INTEL -R9 380 AMD MSI - 8 GB OF RAM -EVGA 500W POWER SUPPLIE I play games like the Witcher 3, Subnautica, COD, GTA, exploration/survival games (ARK)... My question is: when should I build another PC? I bought the PC that I have right now in...
  12. JSimenhoff

    Competition The PC Gamer Best PC Builds - $500 Min Spec Console Killer

    Welcome to very first PC Gamer Best PC Builds competition! We're down to the final five. Vote now to decide the winner in each category. Here are the top five min spec console killer builds: The Cable Boxer by Zoid Advent by PandaPandaPanda The Nautilus by Oussebon The BLACK GOBLIN by...