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I am a data scientist and my expertise are deep learning and Artificial Intelligence. Learning about developments in Artificial intelligence and getting the first-hand experience in utilizing them is my passion. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning is the future, so I write to share the knowledge that I have.
Hello, I play Dota 2 and CSGO (SEA server).
Add me if you wanna play together, leave a comment wid ur ID and I will be sure to add you.
I am from Nepal.
Hey, man, you have good taste in crpg's. What are you playing lately? Cheers.
Sorry about my english . I am playing Path of the Damned. Yeah, Obsidian is my favourite developer today, by far, their writing is very good, I like it a lot. I will play The Outer Worlds for sure, but later. One thing that I dont like much is that the combat system is criticized because it makes enemies too easy to beat. What do you think about that?
Don't worry about your English, it's fine. As for combat system, the fights can be demanding. I'm playing on hard and had to reload the game a few times in more difficult moments. But of course the combat system favors FPS players. If you're good in FPS games, you'll manage the combat better than players who are not. I find the system quite refreshing after playing a lot of isometric cRPGs.
I'm also waiting for Cyberpunk 2077. It'll feature something similar but also more complex when it comes for combat.
as you all know nobody smells bullshit like this particular community
Possibly. Too early to really have anyone toxic yet.
CURRENT SPECS (1-14-2020)

Ryzen 5 1600X @ 3.60GHz
Patriot Viper 16GB RAM @ 2400MHz
Zotac AMP RTX 2060 6GB
Gigabyte AORUS GAMING 5 Wifi Mobo
1TB Crucial MX500 NVMe SSD (Main drive)
500GB Samsung 860 EVO SSD