xfx radeon rx 580 8gb - in 4k setup


I have built my first PC, info found in my signature, although I did buy the xfx radeon rx 580 8gb instead of the 570 version. I have used my pc for general browsing really up until today (my birthday) where I was given some gifts to help me with gaming on this pc.

I was running my pc via a 1080p tv and was going to buy a new tv for my bedroom and for gaming which would of been 4k. Sadly though my nun died at the end of July and her tv (almost brand new) was given to myself. The resolution on the tv is 4k HDR etc and would like to know how I would get this on my pc/system. Would I need to use HDMI via the graphics card or via the motherboard, that is if can use HDMI, would it be the other connection (display port) and use a cable adaptor?
Apr 24, 2020
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You'll probably have to turn down settings and turn off anti aliasing. From what I've read your only going to get 20-30 fps. That card is great for 1080p, not so much for 4K.