Wordle—daily Browser 3-min word puzzle

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Wordle 223 4/6


Error. Error. Error.
After a lucky second guess, I knew the answer, but my phone rang. When I got off the phone I typed the wrong word into line three, reusing a letter I'd already ruled out. At least it was a line 3 mistake instead of a line two mistake.
Wordle 224 5/6


I don't even know what that fourth guess meant, I just didn't see what it could be and starting trying every letter. Damn inconsistent English pronunciation.

My third guess was "mould", so I didn't get "could" because I was pronouncing the "ould" part in my head as the one from "mould" and that didn't mean anything.
Wordle 224 3/6


Aargh! I had a go for it in L2, given the probabilities from my L1:
D and U—went for CLOUD

Best yet!
Woohoo—and all green too, nice :)

Utterly ridiculous
Oh crap! Now we truly will never hear the end of it!! C'mon gang, we need a posse to chase down this raider.
Well done, maestro :)
I bet your first word was my second word—see spoiler above.

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I bet your first word was my second word—see spoiler above.
Yeah, I basically have two sets of words, and I just go back and forth and occasionally switch the first and second words just to mix things up. Hopefully I don't have to use the third or fourth words.

On rare occasions I just type the fist 5 letter word that comes to mind into line one just to force myself to come up with new line 2 and 3 words.

My other primary word that goes with 'cloud' is 'steam'. This is my second set of words. I probably use 'steam' first 3/4 of the time when I'm using my second set. I'm counting my Wheeldle play in this because that's what I play the most.



The second time I don't get any yellows. Either it is a curse or a blessing. I'm not quite sure yet.
Also learned a new word: Kreng- "The carcass of a whale after removal of the blubber and baleen". I actually thought it said caressing of a whale at first. Had myself a little chuckle.

Wordle 225 6/6
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